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We're working to digitize the literary magazines that contributed to the emergence of Canadian modernism in its various forms. Take a moment to explore and learn more here:

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5 issues

Neith (1903-04)

Published in Saint John, New Brunswick, Neith featured the first Black-Canadian editor of a Canadian "little magazine": Abraham Beverley Walker.

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Le Nigog
10 issues

Le Nigog (1918)

While short-lived, this mostly French-language magazine sparked controversy because of its editors' cosmopolitan and formalist ideas.

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23 issues

Preview (1942-45)

Founded in Montreal by a coterie of friends and acquaintances, Preview published many of Canada's most famous modernist poets.

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First Statement
33 issues

First Statement (1942-45)

Frequently remembered for its polemical essays and editorials, First Statement also attracted many notable Canadian modernist poets and critics.

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